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We're the same kind of broken

God is with us

Have you ever felt like there’s a force fighting against you? (Especially about something leading to the glory of God) I’ve always been in a position of comfort all my life, because I never tried to do anything that important for God. When I decided to do something for God, (like this blog) everything that…
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I’m doing what I want (REALLY?)

After a long discussion about my life activities, I was asked if I wasn’t allowed to do what I wanted. I’m a bit passed 21, and my parents are almost half way around the other side of the world; how can I not be doing what I wanted? (Not like they have a NASA satellite…
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Think of, and say good things (speak life)

When we say good things, good things happen. One of my discoveries in life is that whenever I’m in a situation, no matter how terrifying or obviously bad it seems, there’s always a good part to it. What I try to do, although excruciatingly difficult, is to think of these good aspects. Just thinking might…
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No choices please (let God choose for you)

For I know the thoughts that I have towards you, they’re thoughts of good and not evil, to bring you an expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11) This is one of my favourite Bible verses (actually, 2nd to Matthew 28:20b) Why is this one of my favourite? Because this means: God thinks of us continually. He has…
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What do you really want?

Most times when I ask God for something, I just don’t ask it, I’m very precise about it, unless I don’t really know when I want it; like a husband, a family, my organization (you get the point), or how I want it; like my education. I discovered it’s one way to know that God…
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