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We're the same kind of broken

Make passion your profession; so that work will be play

You’ve probably heard that somewhere. Yes, the famous Indian movie titled: “3 Idiots”. That phrase had stuck in my head the very moment it got in. In Nigeria, I would say that a profession is not something we take too seriously (maybe I’m wrong). We already have selected professions that we are to choose from, and if…
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Hakuna matata (It means "no worries")

I like my life figured out. I always thought if I had full control over my life, then it’ll just turn out perfect. No, it didn’t. Fact is, life is filled with unexpected gifts, and there is no way everything can be under your control; being human means you never run out of life’s numerous…
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The struggle is real

I thought when I prayed about something, then I was done. First, you just don’t pray about something, you really pray about something, showing how much you really need it. After prayers, there’s the work part. They say nothing good comes easy, so eventhough God will have to finish up after your best, it doesn’t…
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What’s your catch phrase?

 Y.O.LO, (You Only Live Once) LG, (Life’s Good) T.G.I.F, (Thank God It’s Friday) or T.B.T (Throw Back Thursday); I don’t think anyone has T.B.T for their catch phrase though. It could also be “All is Well”, “hakunamatata“, or even “Be careful what you wish for”. What I’ve noticed is that our catch phrases often shape…
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How dependent are you?

When people say that they’re totally dependent on God, I wonder if they really mean it, or even have an idea what they’re talking about. To me, being dependent is to realize your inability to function without the help of who you depend on, like a phone without a battery or a car without fuel.…
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