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We're the same kind of broken

Baby Afro

My Afro hair Monday 21st Last time, I was talking about how I decided to do a big chop  on Mei’s birthday. Today, we’re going to talk about my Afro journey, but I’ll also give you the jist on how Mei’s birthday went. So, It was like a dream come ture. My very own planed…
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My Kinky Story

Transitioning from a straight relaxed hair, to a natural curly one never looked so easy, thanks to the African community in Paris. Photo by Lee Chinyama on Unsplash When I chose to leave my hair natural, I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but one thing that kept me going…
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You’re Uniquely Amazing

For everyone that had, have, and still wish they were someone else; You’re uniquely amazing!


Many people believe that any action that insinuates the superiority of a certain group, either within or between nations is RACISM. I love studying histories, travelling and living in places with different cultures. I see this as experiencing the world. I have noticed that race and ethnicity, because of their identical nature and similar effect…
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Tribute to Big Mummy

They say we look almost the same; they even gave me your name. I’ll sit close to you and steal extremely long peeks, trying to figure out if I’d really look exactly like you when I’m your age, or if you looked exactly like I do, when you were my age. I knew you were…
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