We're the same kind of broken

Even in your worst moment, give thanks

Sometimes you feel like you’re having the worst moment that could ever be, but then you remember other worst moments you had before this worst moment, and how miraculously each one turned out to be not that worst a moment. You remember the lessons you learnt and the good that came out of them and…
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Mysteries every where (You carry them too)

Do you ever wonder why and how there is a you? Why your story is exactly what it is and not something else? Why there are also millions or billions of beings as you? Why although we call ourselves humans, yet no one is the same with the other? (Not even identical twins) Why Africans…
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I Believe (The Importance of Faith)

The word “Believe” has come to become extraordinary. As a child, it was something as easy as saying a word. Those mysterious dreams of ours have finally grown extinct, as we gradually face the reality that comes with adulthood. Fact is, even the world we live in is filled with things that constantly remind us…
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I’m Possible

God is able to do abundantly and above all we can ask of Him, but according to the power that worketh in us. In essence, we determine what we can do. Most times, we Christians make Christianity look like a death sentence, so once you’re in it, everything goes wrong and it’s okay, because you…
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The Same kind of Broken (The story behind the slogan)

I was searching for something new and inspiring when I came across Jason Castro and Moriah Peters’ “Same kind of Broken”. In this song, they talked about how humans all over the world, regardless of their colour or nationality, if closely examined could be the same case of earth’s victimization. To them, humans all have…
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