The Adorned Project

Let her Adorn herself with her good works.

We want to place good works over good looks.

So, I’ll be featuring young enterpreneurs (Especially girls) from all over the world, to talk about what they do.


Also, there’s always this argument every time a sexual harassments case comes up :

  • What was she wearing? / It has nothing to do with what she was wearing.
  • Didn’t she lead him on? / He should know his boundaries.

Is it entirely his fault? Or does the woman have a role to play in sexual harassment?

Don’t ask me, because I don’t know; It’s the reason I’m doing this.

So, what is all these about?

I’m trying to look at this issue from a non bias view, and figure out real solutions. I know this is a very sensitive subject, but not discussing it won’t resolve the problem.

This is a project that researches on the cause and effect of sexual harassment, and a possible solution. We’ll be having interview sessions, where these sexual harassment scenarios will be discussed, and solutions suggested.

For the interviews, our discussions aren’t going to be based on questions like who’s at fault or not, but on things women do that are not very safe, (In the sexual context) especially around men, how to figure out if, and when a woman is in danger, steps to take to protect and prevent these types of dangers, etc.

If you’d love to collaborate or be interviewed on this, you can fill the form below or send me an email at

Thank you and have a lovely day.

Elizabeth Somiari


Minalisa ?


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