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Step 2 – Toning

I used to think toners were some kind of serums, before I got into proper skincare.

A not so fun fact: I’d use a toner on my face and finish with just my body cream. I have enough melanin on my skin, so I didn’t get burnt. I’d just come back home about 2 or 3 shades darker on my face than the rest of my body.

Yes, I gave myself hyperpigmentation and for a very long time, I struggled with it, until I decided to go into skincare properly.

So what exactly is a toner?

This is a treatment that prepares your skin to receive other treatments. We have different types of toners and for different skin problems. Some help moisturize, some brightens, others help with sebum reduction, etc, but it’s main goal is to open up your pores and prepare your skin for what ever it is you’ll be adding to it, so your skin can easily absorb it.



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