Step 1 – Cleansing

Cleansing your face may sound sophisticated, but it is just a proper term for cleaning, or washing your face.

You might say “But I take a shower” Yes, you should. The problem is that you shouldn’t wash your face the same way you wash your body. The skin on our face is not textured the same way with the skin on our body and that is why their treatments should also vary.

For this step, you’ll need a cleanser.


What is a cleanser?

This is the soap for your face. This is just to wash off all the dirts and keep your face clean. Know that we have different types of cleansers though:

Oil Based cleansers 

A must for make up wearers. It looks like oil, as its main ingredient is oil. It does not foam as much as a water based cleanser, but when it comes in contact with water, you can tell it’s a soap, and it foams. Helps to properly remove the makeup from your face.

Water Based Cleanser 

This cleanser has its main ingredient as water. It is used after the oil cleansing, to thouroughly remove any residues.

Although some people just do a water based cleansing, it is adviceable to do a double cleansing.

Micellar Cleansing Water

It is a very mild type of cleansing. This is water that cleanses your face without soap or extra water.

Some use this as a first step before the water based cleansing, but if you’re the type with a very sensitive skin. Sensitive like “I can’t use hard water sensitive,” then you could probably just use this; as in, alone.

How to use a micellar water.

You put it on a pad and wipe your face with the pad.

Some say it works just fine.

When should you wash your face?

A lot of people wash their face in the morning and evening, but I do it only in the evening. In the morning, I just use cold water to rinse my face.

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