skin care routine

Steps in a Skin Care Routine

What do you need for a skin care routine?

Skin care routine
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In our last skin care topic, we spoke about why everyone needed a skin care routine. Today, we’re going to discover what a skin care routine should look like.

If you check online, you’ll find so many routines. This is expected, because so many factors are involved in choosing a routine.

  • First, there is the time of day – morning routines are different from night routines.
  • Then you have the type of skin – an oily type skin won’t have the same routine with a dry skin type
  • There’s also the issue of culture and preference. I know what I want to look like, you know what you want to look like. Beauty standards in our different cultures also subtly influences our beauty choices.

So how do I create a routine for my skin?

Don’t worry, there’s a formular.

I either wached this on youtube, or read it somewhere, but this is what I’ve been using.

  1. The first step is cleansing. These days, they advice you to double cleanse, especially if you use makeup. An oil based cleanser as first cleansing step and a water based cleanser as the second cleansing step.
  2. The next step is a toner
  3. After this, you have water based treatments
  4. Next is serums and other types of treatments
  5. The final step is hydration, usually with a moisturizer
  6. In the mornings, the final step should be a sunscreen (After the moisturizer)
Skin care routine
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Once or twice a week, you should throw in a mask treatment, which comes after the toner; if it’s a sheet mask and doesn’t require washing away. If you have to wash it away, it should be immediately after cleansing.

Also, I like to use oils in my routine. Not everyone go for oils, but if you do, then this should come after your moisturizer.

next week, we’ll look deeper into these steps and products to be used for the different skin types.

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