Skin care routine
Skin Care

Skin care Routine – Why Everyone Needs One

I never heard of a skin care routine until I was a fully grown adult. My face had always been infested with pimples, so having a clear face was one of my dreams. I tried so many products and methods, including DIY home remedies. (Do It Your Self) Some times it worked and other times it made the situation even worse. I had no idea what I was doing, and nothing made sense until I started to research about skin care.

Some of us have been blessed with good skin and don’t need to do any repairing or fixing, but do you know that your skin will look so much better with a proper care?

What is a skin care routine?

skin care routine
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This is just the daily and weekly care you give to your face. Just like how you take a bath, scrub your skin or apply cream and oil to your body. You need to do the same to your face. You’re probably thinking, “but I do that!” No, I don’t think so. Let me explain.

The skin on your face is textured differently from what you have on your body, so you’re not supposed to use the same products for your body, on your face. (Except it’s clearly written “for face and body” on it) So if your body soap is the same as your cleanser, (Face soap) then you’re doing it wrong.

Why do I need a routine?

You either take a bath when you wake up, or before you go to bed, or even at both times. A routine helps you to be consistent and consistency creates a habit. The same manner in which you have suscessfully created a habit of taking a bath regularly, you need to create one for a regular face bath.



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