You Too Are Somebody’s Type

You Too Are Somebody’s Type

Body Positivity

Photo by Vladmir Fedotov

I received an X — rated photo from this guy and he wanted to know what I thought about his body. I didn’t look at the photo, because I’m that kind of girl, (so I have no idea what he looked like) but I told him he was alright. Then he sent another one, and another one, and when the pictures wouln’t stop coming, I had to let him know that I didn’t want to receive any more photos, because he didn’t need my approval to exist. Anyway, he moved quickly from sexy to smart, when I told him that I was Sapiosexual — Ha! By the way, I am Sapiosexual.

It feels like these days, what everyone is doing is seeking for approval to exist, as the braver ones are consistently changing the rules for existence. Beauty standards are rapidly evolving, yet every time something new comes up, the rest of us without those features start to panic, like we don’t already get it; you cannot fit all of the standards.

Before our time, the sexy girl was the thick girl, now you have to be skinny. Before, you needed extremely long hair, now the androgen style chick is very much hippy too. It used to be thin eye brows, now it’s thick ones. Before, petite girls were cuter, now you have to be 6 feet. Some years ago, the only thing that mattered was the gap between your thighs, now people don’t even remember anymore. Is it 6 packs you want? You don’t have to kill yourself for it. What do you think is happening here? I’ll tell you what I think.

That person that is bold enough to face society is the one that sets the standards. It’s that thin girl that looked the thick sexy girls in the face and proudly cat walked the hallways in her skinny body, that changed sexy from thick to skinny. It’s that girl with the thick eye brows that wouldn’t even blink when the “thin brows girls” tried to make fun of her thick brows; that girl that carried her thick brows with a very high self esteem that eventually set the rules to what eye brows should look like.

The way you accept and carry the features on your body, is the same way others will carry them for you. You determine how you should be respected. If you don’t love yourself, how can someone else do it for you? I’m not saying be contented with your obesity, or it’s fine to be Anorexic. No, respect your body; treat it well, eat healthy, exercise, do skin care, drink enough water, dress in lovely clothes — do everything you can to take care of, and beautify your body, because without this container we call “body”, you no longer have the right to remain in this world.

Just so you know, beauty standards are different in different cultures. What you might see as unattractive, might be someone else’s desire. Not every girl can walk around in straight hair, or blond hair, or blue or green eyes. No, not every girl can have the kinky curly hair, or the figure 8 curves. Not every guy can be 6 feet or own a chiseled body. Some people prefer curvy, others like skinny. To some, (Like me :)) none of this even matters. So embrace your features, accept your nature, because believe me or not, you too are somebody’s type.

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