Baby Afro

My Afro hair

Monday 21st

Last time, I was talking about how I decided to do a big chop  on Mei’s birthday. Today, we’re going to talk about my Afro journey, but I’ll also give you the jist on how Mei’s birthday went.

So, It was like a dream come ture. My very own planed event. Okay, so maybe I had some help, but it was almost my very own planed event. It was perfect! Everything was working out fine and my hair was being complemented by some cool guests, although for some others, it wasn’t really a smart decision.

Anyway, I’m not bald. I just cut off every dangling straight relaxed strand of hair, revealing only the hair that looked a bit like natural hair. It’s an afro, a very tiny afro. I decided to transition into natural so, I only needed to trim off the relaxed hair gradually until only the natural part was left. It’s really not bad at all, at least I think it’s cool.

Truth is that I didn’t really care about what anyone thought of my hair. I still don’t. I was too busy enjoying my success so, I’m wondering why the music hasn’t started to play yet, when the news hit me.

The DJ is late! What? Of all the days in his life to be late, he chose today?

It was even worse than that. The way it was going, it seemed impossible for him to be present. He was far away, and the Paris traffic wasn’t helping matters.

I’m pacing up and down and beginning to tremble, when a dude walks up to me and asks what the problem was. I couldn’t even be civilized enough to imagine that one is not supposed to complain about their failed party to a guest. I just poured out my heart to him and he asks me if I would let him help.

Help? Are you a DJ?

Not professionally, but I’m a musician. I could help you buy time with a performance or two and help contact any close by DJ I know. You would do that for me? Why?

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