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Hi I’m Diana. I’m a Nigerian based in the country’s capital: Abuja. I have a Bsc in international relations and Diplomacy, from Afe Babalola University, Ado- Ekiti, Nigeria. I am the CEO of pinkyz confectionary. I am a baker and cake designer, as well as a natural hair enthusiast.

I have been natural for 2 years and some weeks and it has been an amazing journey. I’m never relaxing my hair again😊 ..”natural hair gives me life”
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I’m going to be talking about one very important secreat in length retention.
African Threading
IMG_20180416_235704_933      IMG-20180601-WA0008
This is a traditional African hair styling technique, where you wrap around strands of hair from the root to tips.

It can be used to achieve a couple of things:

  • Length retention
  • Stretching the hair
  • A blown out look

Unlike blow drying, threading is a heatless and less damaging protective hair style, that helps straighten your kinky hair. As far as healthy hair is concerned, your hair is better without this kind of heat.
Threading also helps to reduce tangling: we all know how tasking it can be to detangle kinky hair. It also helps to reduce manipulation: yes, we want to retain length, but can’t keep our hands off our hair. With threading, your hair is tucked in, so styling and touching is automatically reduced.
NOTE: Threading too tightly can cause pain and lead to loss of hair; especially your edges. So please don’t thread too tightly.

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  1. Adropofblack says:

    I tried afrucan treading for the first time this week and I’m excited! I can’t wait for my blown out look when I take it down

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