Love made Him do it

Love made Him do it

Why did a God leave His throne and transform Himself into human?
Why did He let humans humiliate and kill Him, while He felt every pain like we would?
love made Him do it
Why did He carry the cross all the way to Golgotha,
and let Himself be nailed to this cross; shamefully stripped and hanged from it, while He waited for death’s aweful embrace?
love made Him do it
Why did He accept death’s kiss, and tour hell,
retrieving the keys of death and gaining possession of the power to take life and to give it, while He went back home to prepare an unimaginable grandeur, still for humans?
love made Him do it
You can accept or ignore the fact
probably nail Him a second, or even a thousand times over on your own cross. I’m sure He’ll willingly do it all over, and over, and over again, just so you’ll get the point
you konw, love will make you do crazy things; that’s how I know
love made Him do it

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