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Meet Elizabeth T Peters

This is  Elizabeth T Peters, a Christian first and foremost. She loves God and tries to show everyone just how cool He is simply by being herself.
She’s a blogger! Her blog was originally created as an emotional release for her, but has now grown into much more; inspirational writing, modest fashion, poetry, natural hair care – and is still expanding!
She tries her best to live in ways that pleases God primarily and helps others in the process.
To know more about her visit;

I have been natural for over a decade now, for which I am very proud of!
As a pre-teen I had relaxed hair but I started to transition to natural hair in my early secondary school years.
First things first, my hair was tough when I first stopped relaxing my hair! Transitioning is a strenuous
process and you need a special type of patience to keep you from running back to the “creamy crack” also known as relaxer when the going gets tough – which it most definitely will.
Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s move onto the good part where I tell you how things got better
So, I overcame my transitioning woes by consistent protective styling; in my case that was cornrows (weaving) and single twists with my natural hair. Also, I did a bit of trial and error with hair products but eventually settled with:

Now, I also have a home mixed recipe of hair products that I use twice a week (when I remember to) on my dry scalp as a moisturizer. It’s been a long standing family tradition which has proved very effective so I’ll list the names of the products I can remember lol:

The actual regimen:

So yeah, that’s basically it! Feel free to
drop any questions in my email: and keep up with more hair style updates on my website at;

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