Month: January 2016

We're the same kind of broken

What Can I do? – Tye Tribbett

It’ll be Sunday soon, just introducing you to our new collection; “feel good”

Why worry, when you can pray?

Why worry, when you can pray, trust in Jesus and He will lead your way, don’t be a doubting Thomas, lean only on His promise, why worry, worry, worry, worry, when you can pray. I grew up with this song in my head. It was one of my Dad’s favourite. Although it was only a song…
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You’ll never know, unless you try

‘I don’t know’ used to be my favourite word. It freed me from a lot of embarrassments, responsibilities and expectations. It is true that practice makes perfect, and no one was born an expert therefore, every expert practiced. I figured that to get to your destination, you’ll have to eliminate the phrase ‘I don’t know’.…
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I live to worship you

My sleeping and waking up is because of You Lord The fact that I still breathe is of Your doing Lord I can eat and have food to eat because You’ve given me food and the ability to eat it I wear clothes because You gave them to me and the body to where they…
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Meet Elizabeth T Peters

This is  Elizabeth T Peters, a Christian first and foremost. She loves God and tries to show everyone just how cool He is simply by being herself. She’s a blogger! Her blog was originally created as an emotional release for her, but has now grown into much more; inspirational writing, modest fashion, poetry, natural hair care – and is still…
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