Miss Christmas

Miss Christmas

She opened her eyes and stared at the pink fury alarm clock, on her pink fury table, beside her pink fury bed for the 3rd time; it was still 30 minutes away from her original wake up time. “What’s happening today?” “Why is time so slow?”
So Mehly isn’t the “early to rise” kind of person, but today wasn’t just any other day, it was “the day”; the day she would be crowned “Miss Christmas” yet again, and her very favourite; the day she was going to reunite with her childhood crush, Dylan.
When Dylan moved next door with his family, it was “love at first sight” for Mehly. He looked like every nationality; He was an Asian- European-Middle-Eastern- African- American boy (True story!) He spoke fluent English, French, Chinese and Arabic at 7 years. He was French and a church boy, so her French dad liked him. Dylan wasn’t just mehly’s crush, they were best friends. He moved back after middle school graduation.
Now you know why today had to be perfect; “a day about her”.
Dylan was supposed to be back by the time she arrived from school. He would then accompany her to her school’s Christmas celebration; where she would be crowned “Miss Christmas”, and they would go for dinner, and spend the night together, watching the stars, plus it was the last day of school, and it would be Christmas soon… (Could that day get any better?) Oh yes, her dad would be home for Christmas, and that means lots of surprises! The thought brought actual butterflies in her stomach; she could swear she felt them flying.
She got back from school, and to her horror, Dylan’s flight had been delayed. She walked straight to her room, not minding her mum’s preparations for the carols that same day. Mehly had totally forgotten about it; she didn’t even intend going anyways. Although she started with the preparations, she used her “Miss Christmas” preparation as an excuse to be excused from the carols. She did this every year. As a church girl, she thought the competition was her only way out of mediocrity. She had to win (Every year, until she was through with high school)
She laid on her pink fury bed wondering, and then decided to go through her speech again
…Christmas should be a time we appreciate God for His amazing gift of an only son, so we could be saved. It should be the season where we take God’s love and share it amongst ourselves; telling the world about this good news…
…It shouldn’t be about us, but about Jesus; the reason for the season…
Now she was beginning to doubt if she wrote it. “What was she thinking?” okay yes, it might not be her birthday, but didn’t she deserve to feel loved?
Just then the phone rang and yes, it was Dylan calling. She could feel blood pumping into her mouth as she said “hello” with a husky voice and then cleared it in time for a second “hello, Dylan?”, and immediately regretted it; not like she was expecting another call from Europe. “Hi, yes it’s Dylan”, came his angelic English accented voice. “What happened?” “There was a weather problem, and the flight was cancelled” “What?” she felt hot tears trickling down her cheeks “I thought it was delayed?” “No, cancelled” and then the tears began to pour. Why did the weather have to come and ruin things for her? …”but I can’t miss the carols this year” his voice disrupted her thoughts … “so I’ll find a way. See you soon.” “Okay” she said absent minded. He just said he was coming, so why was she disappointed? Ah, yes; “He’s going to scale through the storm for a Christmas carol!” And her? Didn’t she deserve a storm scaling? Was he even thinking about her?
She remembered going to the carols with him when they were younger. They used to be excited about it; fully involved. They would go around sharing food and clothes to the needy, singing of God’s amazing gift to the world, and sharing love. It felt perfect watching them explode with laughter; they felt loved, and it was enough for her. She was happy, and always looked forward to the carols. Now, she couldn’t even remember the last time she attended the carols. She had already forgotten the feeling, “but he didn’t forget”; she could hear herself say out loud, “he even misses it”. Just then her speech came back to her
…It should be about sharing love … about Jesus
She had spent the whole day grumbling about her supposed perfect day turned sour, when it wasn’t even supposed to be about her. She couldn’t even remember the last time she showed love to her brother; life had always been about her.
She felt so bad and cried herself to sleep, after first asking for forgiveness from God, and a second chance.
She woke up at the sound of her pink fury alarm clock, wondering if she had slept till the next day. “It was all a dream?” she was shaky with freight and delight at the same time “or had she been given a second chance? Truth be told, at the moment, she didn’t care; she was determined to make things right this time so, she first picked up her phone and bargained a spot for herself and Dylan at the carols. As for “Miss Christmas”; she already felt like one.
She got back from school and guess who was waiting in her room? Dylan (Yes, you guessed right) she told him all about her changed plans and he even felt more delighted than she was; he did miss the carols and was excited to be a part of it this year ( and yes, he really would’ve scaled the storm for it)
It was indeed a perfect day after all; sharing love to the world, with the love of her life!
 Sorry for the very late post. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration.
Have a happy new year in advance!

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