My Everything

My Everything

So, it’s story time, and I’m not much of a story teller, but I’m still going to open the floor with a piece I contributed to “The Message” magazine. It’s my idea on what I think Christianity is, or should be all about.
Once upon a time, there was a very powerful and mighty king who had only one son. A very worthy, gentle, loving, wise and kind in the heart son. He was the perfect son. One day, the king found out that his kingdom was suffering from an unknown calamity caused by the ancestors; “the sins of the fathers”. The only solution to the problem was for a man pure in heart, worthy in spirit and wise as a god to willingly lay down his life for the kingdom. This rare, extraordinary man was searched for, all over the kingdom and yet could not be found.
When all, including the king was already giving up, and all hope was about to be lost, this perfect son, born of the king, and heir to the throne of the kingdom looked at his people and then to his father and said, “Of what use is my hereditary as the successor if I would sit and watch my people suffer  and not lay down my life for them?” With this, he offered himself to be slaughtered as a lamb; but for the return of his legacy being the order of the remaining days of the people of his kingdom.
This can be likened to what the Son of God did for the people of the world. It is written that only through the shedding of blood can the atonement of sin be completed. So in order for our sins to be atoned for, and for God to accept us as His children, the blood of a righteous, perfect being had to be shed. None other was worthy, except His only son whom He sacrificed to give us life.
We see salvation as being free, but the fact is that when His son died, He gave a request which can be likened to the condition, “Let my legacy continue to reign”, that is, be “Christians” (Christ-like). This, as clearly written can only mean that if you want salvation, just as His son gave His all, you are expected to do the same. It’s  “a life for a life” deal or “an all for an all” deal!

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