water in glass


I was taught in school that water is one of the very important food categories that make up a balanced diet.
True or not, I don’t really see how I can do without it. 
So, I will not be telling you about its scientifically proven importance, but just my little experience.
I grew up drinking water whenever I wanted; thirsty or not (Which was all the time) I never thought about the possibility of not having it, until I left home.

I’ll recite the saying in my head; “You never know what you have until you lose it” before gulping down the coke or “la casera” soft drink, hoping it could turn into water, feeling terrible and so sick because I was low on it. But then I would  feel much better when I’ve had enough of it.

Yes, I’m a “water” person, so living without it made me understand its benefits.

water in glass
The Water

First of all,

  • it is very refreshing and cannot be compared to any other drink, plus
  • it revitalizes and detoxicates my body, 
  • moisturizes my hair and skin, and also
  • prevents my stomach from protruding; Yes, it does

You’ll say it’s just water, I’ll say it’s “The Water”!

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