No choices please (let God choose for you)

No choices please (let God choose for you)

Prayer kills worry

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For I know the thoughts that I have towards you, they’re thoughts of good and not evil, to bring you an expected end. (Jeremiah 29:11)
This is one of my favourite Bible verses (actually, 2nd to Matthew 28:20b)
Why is this one of my favourite?
Because this means:

  • God thinks of us continually.
  • He has masterminded perfect plans, even before we arrived.
  • If we go with His plan, the end will be very good.

I was born into Christianity and was taught to walk with God. Somehow, I’ve learnt to be dependent on Him.
One thing I still don’t know how to do is make my own choices. I’ve always been afraid of making the wrong ones, so I let everyone else make them for me. When I got to the inevitable choice making age, like choosing a major or a college/university to attend, I did the only thing I could think of; I asked God to choose for me.
This might sound mysterious, but He did. I had some choices, but one by one He eliminated every chance of those choices coming to be, and left just one. At first it seemed like a joke (you know, He does not just choose anything for you, He gives you the very best.)
Anyways, I was left with a choice that was supposed to be impossible and I’d thought that I just ruined my life. Yes, it was that scary.
Today, my challenges of unbelief cases are not even half as much as I faced at that time, and although I still think I’d made or that I’m making a wrong choice, I remember that I didn’t make the choice alone.
I don’t usually make any choices alone, because in my life’s story, I always come face to face with one choice – God’s choice.
You see why I love this verse so much?
I know my story will be very good.

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