I’m Possible

I’m Possible

Prayer kills worry

New ET6 (2)
God is able to do abundantly and above all we can ask of Him, but according to the power that worketh in us. In essence, we determine what we can do.
Most times, we Christians make Christianity look like a death sentence, so once you’re in it, everything goes wrong and it’s okay, because you no longer belong in this world.
I’ll like to paint a picture of a royalty from a 1st world (developed) country who suddenly finds himself in a 3rd world (developing) country. Imagine his life style in this part of the world.
It is true we are not of this world, but where we’re from, even a 1st world’s number one cannot compare in its glory and magnificence. There is no second to this world, it cannot even be imagined with the human mind.
Another picture I’ll like to create is you, being a royalty from this world, and living on earth.
Having the best things earth can offer shouldn’t give us satisfaction, because our minds and focus should be on the day we return home.
Still, as a resident of earth, and with no set time for return, I don’t go against living a comfortable life – why settle for the less when you can have the best? (Actually, the best it can offer)
Most times we forget who we are and where we’re going, that we begin to find comfort the way earthlings do.
You don’t have to wait for your problems to compile and mount up like a gigantic mountain, before you run to God for help.
If only we can afford to put God first in everything that we do, realizing His grandeur and our position in our relationship with Him, then living on earth won’t have to be a problem at all for us.
You don’t have to rule it, just make them wish they were from your world!    

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