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This is a how to do motivational and lifestlye blog. We research life hacks and share our findings.

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We’ve created a community of Fashion designers, beauty experts, etc, that would provide you with creative and quality products.

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We organize talks, meet ups, parties, shows, etc, where ideas can be shared and connections made.

Motivation and Entertainment

On our blog page is a variety of practical motivational and entertaining contents that would edify your body, mind and soul.

Health and Beauty.

We are partners with LR Health & Beauty Systems. We provide a variety of health and beauty products, for an effortless external glow


The ADORNED Project.

We’re placing good works over appearance.


French Talks

This is an Information Hub for anyone interested in moving to France, or just visiting.


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Entrepreneurship, Student jobs, CDD, CDI, …


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Photography by Minalisa

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Latest from Our Blog

A variety of practical motivational contents to edify the body, mind and soul! Afterall, we’re the same kind of broken.

Why worry when you can pray

Why worry when you can pray lyrics

Chorus Why worry when you can pray? Ask Jesus, He will lead the way. Don’t be like doubtful Thomas, lean upon His promise, Why worry, worry, worry, worry, when you[…]

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Baby Afro

My Afro hair Monday 21st Last time, I was talking about how I decided to do a big chop  on Mei’s birthday. Today, we’re going to talk about my Afro[…]

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When Everybody’s Ex is the Devil

I pulled out my umbrella cause I just couldn’t take the scorching sun anymore. I know I have melanin, and the sun damage is slower, but that thing burns deary.[…]

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